June 4 – Moving from Wells to St Albans

Our New Housesit

Hello from 1066 – A Medieval Mosaic

We had packed up the trailer last night but this morning packed the car and at about 10.45 we were on our way from Wells to St Alban’s. We wanted to avoid any hills as the car had real problems pulling the trailer up the hill after the breakdown day in Wells. So we drove out towards Weston-Super-Mare which may not have been the best idea as there are lots of little villages along the way but it was at least free of hills.

We finally got onto the motorway system and we were able to travel more easily all the way to St Alban’s. We found our new home for the next three months without any problems where Susan and Peter greeted us warmly and we sat down to enjoy a nice cup of tea.

Later we walked the fifteen-minute walk to the cathedral with them and Paddy the dog so that we were able to familiarise ourselves with the route we would walk each day. We also went into the cathedral to look at the North Transept which seemed smaller than we had remembered but we will see how it goes tomorrow. We walked back through the Verulamium Park and saw swans and cygnets, Canadian goslings and ducklings. This will be a lovely way to walk home form work.