June 6 – Set Up Day at St Albans Cathedral and Abbey Church

Rachael was a great help - We could not have done it without her

Hello from 1066 – A Medieval Mosaic

Michael and I were up early for our big day setting up the Medieval Mosaic exhibition in St Albans Cathedral and Abbey church. The car and trailer had been at our housesit for the last two days. Rachael arrived at 9.30 as arranged and after meeting Susan, our host, Rachael followed us to the cathedral. We were able to park at the door of the North Transept with only three steps to the exhibition space from the trailer. Bill, a cathedral helper and Chris Moon, a verger helped us to unpack the trailer into the centre of the room. Then Rachael, Michael and I got stuck into putting the shelving together. When we got our first six up there was a church service in the Lady Chapel so we were asked to do a quieter job for 20 minutes so we mounted the mosaic panels and the curtains before completely finishing setting up the first six stands complete with lights.

At 2.30 a keen school group from Harpenden, a few miles north of St Albans came in to see the completed half of the mosaic. They were a lovely group who all wanted Mike’s signature. Rather than giving them all one he signed a booklet and gave them one. Then we started building the second six stands but by about 3.30 we were getting very hungry so we went out to a local cafe for lunch.

When we got back we hadn’t done much more when we realised that we had to stop from 4.30 to 5.45 for Evensong so we went outside to sit in the sun for a while. Mike and I attended the second half of Evensong as the singing of the girl choir drew us in.

We finally finished setting up at about 7.30. It looked really good down the two sides of the North Transept. We took the trailer to its new home for next three months but the traffic was terrible all through St Albans even at this time of the day. I think it must have been the people coming home from work by train. When we got home Susan and Peter were out so we made a cup of tea and went to bed as we were exhausted.