June 7 – Our first Day on exhibition at St Albans Cathedral and Abbey church

North Transept

Hello from 1066 – A Medieval Mosaic

The first morning of our new exhibition and we were up early and making our sandwiches. We arrived at the cathedral at 9 and set up our demonstrations pieces. Right from the beginning, we seemed to have people visiting to have a look, as well a steady stream of staff and guides. Everyone was lovely, welcoming, interested and helpful.

We had a group of French school children visit and their teacher translated for me. They were beautifully behaved and interested in the mosaic. Helena, the events coordinator and two other ladies including the publicity officer came to see the finished setup and check to see that we had everything we needed. There was quite a lot of activity as the virgers were moving all the seats out of the nave for a private event in the evening.

A group of four French people came with their St Alban’s host. They were from St Alban’s twin town Nevers on the Loire river in the Burgundy district and they were absolutely fascinated and stayed for ages looking and asking questions.

In the afternoon we had a year 7 class of boys from The Oratory School, Woodcote, near Reading. They have just been studying the Battle of Hastings so were pleased with the coincidence of finding the Medieval Mosaic here. A young man from Wellington, New Zealand doing his gap year was with the boys and their teacher Charles.

When we left at 4.30 we walked up to Tescos to get some food and walked home via a different route. We are walking to and from the Cathedral every day as there is no parking in town that is not restricted or very expensive. It is a pleasant walk a bit uphill and a bit down especially while the weather is fine.

We were very pleased with our first day and spent the evening chatting with Susan and Peter before another reasonably early night.