March 15 – One Church Micro and some shopping.


Hello from 1066 – A Medieval Mosaic

We headed into Woodbridge just after lunch to do a few jobs. Then headed toward Martlesham to do some shopping. We detoured a bit to see this All Saints church at Waldringfield. It is a little village on the other side of the Deben river to Woodbridge. The small church had a lovely octagonal font with an octagonal base with characters all around it. The window over the altar was lovely with St Michael, Jesus and Archangel Gabriel. We found the cache easily but never figured out the hint meant.

Then we headed back to do our shopping at Tescos and to fill up with petrol which has gone down to £1.18.9. Quite a drop as we have paid up to £1.24.9 recently.

We headed back home as it has been raining intermittently and could not be bothered geocaching. Rachael had sent our old laptop up and it had arrived. So Mike spent the afternoon checking it out. He is going to take the hard drive out and put it on to his Sony laptop if it is compatible.