March 25 – An afternoon geocaching around Blaxhall

Summer Daylight Saving started this morning

Hello from 1066 – A Medival Mosaic

We stayed inside for most of the day working on the websites as Mike has heaps of photographs to sort, straighten and name. He became well behind when he was without a laptop and we have had some really big geocaching days when he took more than 350 photos each day so it all takes time to process.

Mid afternoon we decided to take a break and go out to do some geocaching locally. There is a geocacher locally called “Sarah2kids” who has put in nearly 400 geocaches and her kids obviously make all the containers. So I located a trail of theirs that goes from the other side of the A12 to Blaxland. In only a couple of hours, we found 19 geocaches all with interesting names and containers. Some of the names were: “It’s a Mugs Game”, Cammo thermoses”, “Knot Very Happy”, “Felt a bit rough”, “Tread carefully” – I am sure you can imagine from the titles what the containers were.

We love it now that the time has changed and we have longer, lighter evenings. There are signs of spring everywhere with daffodils and lambs. The hedges are all starting to show signs of green and the trees will be next.