March 30 – More “Sarah2kids” caches

Our 6000th find and a new geocoin

Hello from 1066- A Medieval Mosaic

I particularly wanted to go geocaching today as we had the day missing on “Finds for each day of the Year” statistics chart. We only have 12 more days to fill in now, 4 for June, 4 for October, 3 for November and one for December so by the end of the year, we should have it all filled. I was actually hoping to have it filled last year but there are always reasons why you cannot go out to find a cache. Even the 5 June this year could be a problem as that is our set up day for our exhibition in St Albans but we will have to see what happens.

The other reason for a geocaching trip, not that I need an excuse, was that we only needed to find 7 more caches to reach the lofty heights of 6000 finds. About six weeks ago I purchased a geocoin to celebrate 6000 finds but it has taken nearly six more weeks to finally reach the number. I have been carrying it around for the last few days, just in case.

We didn’t go too far but found another eight caches. Today we parked the car and walked around a track around Marlesford. We also found one cache that was only 700 metres from the house but with all the bad weather and snow that we have had, this was the first that we have felt confident to look for it.

At a cache called “Kick the Bucket” we finally reached 6000 finds and I gave Mike the geocoin that he had been carrying around in the backpack. We have done over 2000 caches since we arrived in the UK back in June 2016. Kick the Bucket actually caused us a few problems as although we could see it from the road we were walking on, it was on the other side of a ditch filled with water and we could see that we would have to get it from the field side of the hedge. We backtracked a bit but then we saw a fence which would stop us gaining entry so returned and found a large gap in the hedge and the cache was soon in our hands. “Kick the bucket” was a small bucket with a shoe sticking out of it. Someone has a very corny sense of humour. It made us laugh.

As we walked toward the last cache on the way back to the car it started to rain – AGAIN. So that was the end of that.