March 31 – A trip to Ramsholt and Alderton

Hollesley and Shingle Street

Hello from 1066 – A Medieval Mosaic

Since the weather was fine around midday we set off for a couple of hours down to Alderton, Ramsholt and later Hollesley.

We have been down this way before to do all the church micros but a new one had been released at Alderton so we had to go to look for it. It was a multi-cache so we found the plaque and carefully collected the numbers that we needed. Unfortunately one of the letters could have been a C or a G which would have made the number either 3 or 7 which made a considerable difference. We tried the one closest to us as it took us to a final only 80 metres away and exactly matched the hint and the other logs. But after looking for quite a while we could not find the cache. I later contacted the CO and we were in the right place so maybe we will have to go back. The Bawdsey Radar station is a little way down the road so maybe we will go to visit there too.

Today, however, we went to Ramsholt which is on the opposite side of the River Deben to Woodbridge. We did several park n grab caches on the road down there and then parked the car and walked along the river a while before turning across a swampland area to visit the very isolated All Saints Ramsholt church. There is a pub at the riverside and a sign saying “private beach – no picnic”. I guess they want you to buy their food but we find such signs very provocative. The church was not very exciting but it does have an interesting oval-shaped tower and a service is still held there once a month.

We took a circular route back to the car park and nearly took a path which would have taken us significantly longer to return but it was a nice walk nevertheless.

We then decided to head to Hollesly and then on to Shingle St. There we saw a Martello tower which has been turned into a house. There are only a few very windswept houses there, in a small coastal hamlet at the mouth of Orford Ness. It was my intention to do a multi-cache but it was a 3 km circular trip and the weather was threatening rain so we just picked up a few other caches on the way home including one at a World War 2 bunker which was completely hidden despite being right beside the road.

Our car turned over 100,000 miles today and we missed it.