March 5 – Break Down Day at Melton Exhibition

Riduna Park, Melton

Hello from 1066 – Medieval Mosaic

Today was the day to take our exhibition down at Melton. It has been a good exhibition which was well attended and we hope it was enjoyed by everyone. Mike and I made an early start and paced ourselves as it is a strenuous day. We brought the trailer to the exhibition last night as the car park is clearer on Sundays. It was probably just as well as the workman decided to choose this day to dig the road up behind us and so the parking was more difficult. Luckily the people next door come for the whole day so we were not in their way.

Mike unbolted all the pictures while I folded and packed all the lights and the cabling. We packed the mosaic into their boxes but because we only have one vehicle we then had to leave those boxes aside while we pulled the stands apart. Afterwards, we loaded the stands into the trailer. Mike drove them back to the house where he piled them in front of the garage and went back to Riduna Park. While he was gone I started cleaning the windows and the floor. When he arrived back we loaded the mosaic boxes and all the rest of the gear into the trailer. Finally, we finished the rest of the cleaning. Katie came in and we thanked her for allowing us to use the unit for the exhibition and we gave her a gift.

When we arrived home we loaded the stands into the trailer and parked the trailer. A long day but a real sense of achievement. We have enjoyed meeting the people of Woodbridge and Melton.