May 10 – Berry Pomeroy, Devon

Collaton St Mary Church Micro

Hi from 1066 – Medieval Mosaic

Today we have lots of things to do but we wanted to do one cache to keep our streak of 41 days going. As we drove up to the church at Collaton St Mary we realised that we had been here once before right on the time when the children were being let out of school. Today we are here at a better time and we soon collected the numbers required and went for a short walk to collect the cache. Sadly the church was not open.

Our new shelving to display the Medieval Mosaic has arrived so Mike and I put one together to see how the mosaic would fit onto it. It went together easily and then we went off for a drive to purchase the nuts and bolts we need to display the mosaic. We are very pleased with the new shelving. We have brought 12 stands which hold 3 mosaic panels on either one side or two sides.

There was a huge full moon this evening.