May 12 – 1066 drives to Woolminstone, Somerset

A Visit to Friends and their new house.

Hi from 1066 – Medieval Mosaic

We are on the road today from Berry Pomeroy to Woolminstone in Somerset. Andy and Lizzie have just moved here with Honey, their Labrador so we went to visit them. They have a lovely place out in the country and have lots of plans for the place. Honey loves it as there is plenty of room to rush about and play with things to chase.

Just before we reached Woolminstone, we visited Forde Abbey. We went into the shop there and had a look around but it was too late in the day to visit the Abbey and gardens.

We also stopped at Drimpton to visit St Mary’s Church to get a church micro for the day. The church was not open but we found the cache with a good hint.

We had a lovely evening with our friends catching up on all our adventures and having a lovely meal.