May 14 – 1066 walks around Deal Waterfront

Deal Castle

Hello from 1066 – Medieval Mosaic

There seem to be a few geocaches within walking distance so we headed off to the beach to explore.

First, we went to visit Deal Castle. The castle comprises a keep with six inner and outer bastions and is a moated castle. It covers nearly an acre of ground and had sixty-six firing positions for artillery. Thomas Wingfield became the first Captain of Deal Castle in 1540, supported by a lieutenant and a garrison of eight soldiers, sixteen gunners and two porters. Around 1570, the main bastions of Deal Castle were filled with earth to allow heavier guns to be mounted on them Queen Elizabeth I inspected the castle in 1573.

There was a brass band concert going on at the bandstand and we listened for a while. This bandstand was built in memory of the eleven members of the Band of Royal Marines School of Music who were killed at 8.25am on Friday 22 September 1989 by an I.R.A. bomb.

We found only one church micro at St Saviour’s Church at Walmer. It was only a short walk to the cache.

We passed a lovely mosaic on the waterfront. It is named ‘H.M the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Mosaic’ and was created in 2002 as an art project by three schools in Walmer parish. It was designed by Susannah Preston and Abi Hughes-Edwards and is three foot high and 42 yards long. It is a beautifully colourful and fun mosaic.