May 14 – A Long Journey to Wells

Our 5 month stay at Hacheston comes to an end

Hello from 1066 – A Medieval Mosaic

We said a sad goodbye to Charlotte, Ollie, Bella and the dogs after staying there for five months. We set off from Hacheston at 8.40 am with a fully laden car and trailer on our long journey to Wells, at least our self-contained unit at East Harptree which will be our new home for the next three weeks. It was a lovely day with sunshine and a little wind at times. Progress was steady in the truck lane and on dual carriageways and motorways all the way. We stopped at two service areas for breaks and one fill up of petrol at £1.37 per litre, which is actually not bad for a motorway. It is always more expensive on a motorway and we saw it in one place on the journey for £1.43.

About 2 in the afternoon, a van passed us hooting and signalling for us to pull over which we did and then saw smoke pouring off the trailer. One of the dual tyres had burst but surprisingly it had not affected the stability of the trailer at all. I rang the insurance company and in half an hour RAC arrived to change the tyre for us. The RAC man even checked the pressure in the spare and filled it to the right level and then changed it right there beside the motorway. I was really worried about his safety but he had obviously done this lots of times before. Just after the RAC man arrived the motorway traffic police arrived too to check that we were OK. They had seen us unattended from the other side of the motorway so had come around to check on us. We had been given good instructions by the insurance company to leave the car and stand as far back behind the barrier that we could until help came. Everyone was very helpful and friendly and we were soon on the road again.

We arrived at East Harptree about 3.30pm and Phil was standing at the gate, not waiting for us but someone else but it made arriving very easy. He showed us into our cottage which was right next to their house. There was plenty of room to stow the trailer after we have emptied it after setting up the exhibition on the 15th. We should be very comfortable there for the next three weeks. We made a well-earned cup of tea, set up the internet and relaxed.

After unpacking and a break we walked over the road and up through a couple of fields to the East Harptree church. The church was closed so we went to find the geocache. The hint seemed a bit wrong as we couldn’t find an elder tree and the GPS took us to a pile of lawn clippings. Then we realised we had to go outside the church grounds and there was an elder growing along the wall and we found the container easily. We also collected the number that we needed to help us complete the Wells Cathedral Puzzle.

After tea, we had an early night to get a good rest before tomorrow’s big set up day.