May 16 – 1066 visit Walmer Castle

Inspiring gardens

Hello from 1066 – Medieval Mosaic

What a great day we had, visiting Walmer Castle, an English Heritage property. It is a Tudor castle on eight acres of magnificent gardens, woodlands and sea views. It was built as a coastal fortress by King Henry VIII and it became the home of Lord Wardens of the Cinque Ports. Distinguished holders of this post have included William Pitt the Younger, The Duke of Wellington, WH Smith, Winston Churchill and the Queen Mother. All of whom have stayed in the castle at various time and many important decisions shaping our history have been made in these rooms.

We listened to the commentary which made each room come alive. There is so much history in one place and so many important people making decisions about wars and the future direction of the country and the Empire.

There are 13 hectares of garden and parkland. The vegetable and flower gardens are particularly spectacular and we took lots of photos as we were quite inspired by the layout and the variety of plants. We are visiting at a great time of the year with lots growing and being planned at this time. We know it will inspire other people too. I especially like the walls of the gardens with flowers growing out from between the stones. I imagine this happens naturally.

On our way home, we collected a couple of geocaches. A fantastic day – I wish Barb was here today.