May 29 – Another Day in the South Cloister, Wells Cathedral

Happy Birthday Gina

Hello from 1066 – A Medieval Mosaic

Today we had a visit from Philippa Threlfall who lives to the back of the cathedral. She is a mosaic artist who was told about our exhibition by Ruth. She was fascinated and very pleased to come before it closed. Her cat wanders around the cathedral as if he owns the place and we caught a great photo of the two of them walking past the exhibition with the chaplain. We have seen the cat on many occasions including out in the Camery Gardens where we have lunch. We enjoyed talking to Philippa and she invited us to her place on Saturday evening for drinks and to see her studio. Her business is called Black Dog of Wells and makes decorative terracotta plaques.

Later in the afternoon, we had a local family in to see the exhibition. He has been told by his aunt in Geraldine, Jan Vernon, that he should come to see us. He had a letter with our postcard of the Medieval Mosaic inside. It is very good to know people in Geraldine are watching our adventures in the UK.

After work, we went to do a geocache puzzle called Prijenos which was about Tesla. It was an interesting puzzle to solve so I did not want to miss finding the cache. We were also going to do some of the four earthcaches on the Mendips but there was nowhere to park for those. The puzzle had a car park nearby and Mike soon found a great cache. It was an old radio which had room for lots of travel bugs and geocoins in it. It did not have any travel bugs but there was some swag which we left behind.

Another lovely day and a fine evening. I love summer with its fine weather and long evenings.