May 2 – Rottingdean

A day out to finish the "Big Fish" geocaching trail around Rottingdean

Hello from 1066 – Medieval Mosaic

Today we wanted to collect all the rest of the ‘Big Fish’ puzzle caches. It was a series of Hidato puzzles which I really enjoyed doing. There were 17 puzzles all getting bigger and harder as you progress from one to another. About four were quite hard and one was particularly hard. Like Sudoku, if you make a mistake you have to start again and this one I restarted four times. It was a momentous moment when I finally go the puzzle out. So having solved all the puzzles, now we just had to find all the caches. Our route took us to Rottingdean Windmill then out over the hills overlooking Roedean girls’ school and Brighton Marina. We also had great views of Rampion 400 MW Wind Farm.

Roedean Girls' School
Roedean Girls’ School


Firstly though, we went to the chalk cliffs of Peacehaven. We parked the car within metres of a cache and then walked down 180 chalk steps to the promenade at the bottom. The path runs for 2 km from Telscombe to Newhaven.

At Rottingdean, we had another go at a multi which we collected the information for a few days ago. However, we had been unable to find the cache. I worked out that we had the coordinates correct so we went back to have another look and this time Mike found it right where I had been looking.

The last cache for the day was outside someone’s home. We don’t usually like doing these ones as we feel very exposed but this one had the great title of ‘Resistance is Useless’ and being an avid Sci-Fi fan I just had to do it. While pondering the hint a neighbour came out and asked if we had found the geocache yet. That broke the ice and we spent several enjoyable minutes chatting to her about her trip to New Zealand.


That evening I realised the heating hadn’t come on and we realised that the gas had gone off. We tried to relight it but to no avail. Thank goodness for you tube videos. So we rang the gas board. They cannot give advise on the phone and arranged to send out a man the next day.