May 3 – A Stroll around Woodbridge River Shore

Time to get some caches aroud Woodbridge

Hello from 1066 – A Medieval Mosaic

A lovely day for a stroll along the Deben river from Woodbridge. There was a multi and seven other caches and a nice round trip walk. We managed to get all but one.

The walk started from the carpark and we looked for our first cache but we couldn’t find it anywhere. It had a good hint but for some reason, we just couldn’t locate it. At the end of the walk, we had another look realising now that it was a Sarah2kids cache. Guess what? I found it straight away!

The first part of the multi took us over the railway bridge to the harbour where we found a cool sculpture of an octopus sitting on an anchor. Then we continued on down the well-paved river path saying hello to all the dog walkers and finding a ‘Nasty Nano’ overlooking the ‘Tea Hut’. This one was very tricky as it was hidden very well and there were lots of places for it to be hidden. We thought we weren’t going to find it but then there it was in the bottom of the leg. We continued on down the river picking up more caches and extra parts to the multi. When we found the final to the multi the container was a sword through a skull, a cool looking cache.

We continued on to the end and around the corner walking now on the river shore which I guess is completely cut off at high tide. The tide was going out and there were boats anchored in the river. We returned along another path going through a National Trust managed property – Kyson Hill. Another of the caches along here was very tricky to find and again we nearly gave up and just as we were walking away I spied a container hiding under the fence and another log was signed. We were six for six.

At the end of the track, we recrossed the railway line and down a driveway where we were finally defeated by a cache. We looked at ground zero and 12 metres either side but nothing and finally we had to give up, luckily we found the one at the carpark on the way back after crossing the sports field that had children playing ball sports and tennis courts with people being coached. Such a lovely day for a walk.

When we got home we took Pip and Ruby for a walk and let them have a good run around as we are pet sitting them for one night.