May 3 – The Gas Man Cometh

No heat or hot water

Hello from 1066 – Medieval Mosaic

The gas board had arranged for a guy to come between 12 and 6 so we spent the whole day inside. Actually, it was raining on and off and cold too in single digits so it wasn’t the end of the world. We both were working on GSAK which is for geocaching. Mike has never shown any interest in it before but he loves lists and organising things and making them work better. This is all for the new GPS which comes with a memory chip which holds 250,000 caches but in a different file format so he was learning how that works. The GPS also holds 5000 caches in the normal way whereas my other one only held 2000 so I can get much better coverage which is great.

The gas man came about 3.30 and by then we were really cold as the central heating and water heating does not work without the gas working, plus it was a cold day. He thought it was either the fan or something else. If it was something else he couldn’t get the part anymore. He got the fan going briefly but said it would only go for a while then stop again. Which it did so then we had another cold evening.