May 30 – Last Day of our Exhibition in Wells Cathedral

Rachael arrives a Day Too Soon

Hello from 1066 – A Medieval Mosaic

It is our last day at the Medieval Mosaic exhibition in Wells Cathedral. Rachael arrived just after we got there which surprised us as break down of the exhibition is tomorrow not today. She had a nice day going to the Bishops Palace. Rachael and I walked around the cathedral together with me imparting my newly acquired knowledge of the cathedral and pointing out my favourite parts which are the stained glass windows, the carving around the columns and the altar cloths.

Mike finally visited the chapter house to take some photographs.

On our way home we went to Ebbor Gorge and met Rachael there. It was too steep for me with too many deep steps so Michael and Rachael went to find two of the four caches in the Gorge while I wandered around on top. There was a memorial placed celebrating the fact that Mrs G.W. Hodgekinson gave Ebbor Gorge and the surrounding woodland to the National Trust in memory of the Right Honourable Sir Winston Churchill K.C., O.M., C.H., T.D. The stone was unveiled by her grand-daughter Mrs Piers Dixon on 7th May 1967.

We left Rachael at the gorge and drove to Litton to pick up our newly refurbished trailer. Glenn had checked the tyres and brakes of the trailer but realised that the floor was rotting out and the angled metal work underneath was coming loose. So he replaced and reinforced the metal frame with box metal and then put in a new floor of marine ply with a rubber flooring like they put in a horse float. We were very excited, to say the least. It is exactly what we have been needing to do but we had no idea who to ask to do it. It also did not cost as much as we expected which was lovely. We settled the bill and talked about geocaching, exhibitions, and many other topics for quite a while before leaving. Just as we left I checked the lights as I always do before driving off with the trailer attached and one light was still acting up so Glenn fixed it for us.

We drove back to East Harptree and when Rachael a little while later I made us all tea from the leftover chicken from yesterday. She went off to camp by Chew Lake for the night. We will meet at 10 at the cathedral tomorrow for break down of the exhibition.