May 4 – An afternoon of geocaching around Foxburrow Farm Nature Reserve, Melton

St Mary of the Assumption, Ufford

Hello from 1066 – A Medieval Mosaic

A lovely warm day of about 22C so we decided to go for a walk around the Foxburrow Nature reserve as it is nearby and there are 6 caches around the property.  What a nice idea that a farm, in association with the Suffolk Wildlife Trust, would allow the public to walk all around their property. It was really well signposted with written explanations of the two tracks around the farm. It includes animals, wildflowers, newts and all sorts of information. They also provide free parking. We walked about a mile and found six caches which had really good hints. After we finished this track we started another one nearby and found another six caches.

On our way home we found St Andrew’s Melton Old Church. This church is only used for services at special times of the year now and was locked but Mike managed to take two very good photos of the funerary hatchments through very clean windows. We then found ourselves at St Mary of the Assumption church in Ufford again which we visited before on 8/1/18. If Rachael had visited last weekend this was definitely one of the churches we would have taken her. to see the wonderful font and cover. It also had some lovely stations of the Cross and some famous 15th-century bench ends.  The variety of subjects on the bench ends are exceptional, from a chained stag to grotesque creatures, human heads, fruit, heraldic symbols, and serpents. One bench has an odd medieval depiction of a camel, obviously carved by someone who had only heard about the beasts but never seen one. One end panel is carved with a full-length figure of a woman wearing a butterfly headdress, a style in vogue from roughly 1450-1485. The most famous bench stands directly in front of the font. It is known as the Margaret and Catherine Bench and shows seated saints dressed in 15th-century style. We also found two monumental brasses hidden under the carpet in the aisle which we uncovered so that we could have a look.

A lovely day out with lots of walking and 13 more geocaches.