May 4 – Geocaching at Tide Mills, Seaford

May the Fourth Be With You

Hello from 1066 – Medieval Mosaic on quite a chilly day in East Sussex.

Today we were up at 8 which was early for us as the British Gas man was coming sometime between 8 and 10. He came about 8.30 so we were dressed but in yesterday’s clothes as we had no hot water for a shower until he fixed the fan. He tested the new fan and that was the problem so he installed it and we were cooking with gas again…. Sorry couldn’t resist. We sat and worked on our computers then finally we had showers, ah bliss, (no hot water without gas and no heating) and then went out in the afternoon to go for a drive a do a few geocaches. 

Our first cache of the day was an earth cache which told us all about the Tide Mills. Tide Mills is a derelict village two km south-east of Newhaven. Tide Mill was erected in 1761 by the Duke of Newcastle and was later owned and operated by William Catt (1770 – 1853). The village consisted of a large tide mill and numerous workers cottages, housing 100 workers. It had a railway station, nurse’s home, hospital, RNAS Station and the Marconi Radio Station (1904). The Tide Mills site, unused from 1900, was condemned in 1936 with the last residents forcibly removed in 1939. After the earth cache, we tried to find a cache in the derelict mill race sluice, it was low tide, but we were unable to find it. There were four archaeologists excavating a site. It is interesting to see how much the coastline has changed at this site.

We continued on a little way to the chalk cliffs at Splash Point, Seaford where we also saw some interesting benches in the shape of a shoal of fish.

While there we saw the Dieppe – Newhaven ferry coming into port so before we headed home we stopped to have a look at the Cote D’Albatre. She entered service in March 2006. At 142 metres long, and with a draught of 5.7 m, she is the maximum sized ferry that Newhaven can safely accommodate.

We went home early and I put on a nice roast pork for tea. We watched a lovely movie called Golden Years, an English movie and very easy watching.