May 5 – 1066 Church Micros in Eastbourne

A Day out in Eastbourne

Hi from 1066 – Medieval Mosaic

There are 32 Church Micros in Eastbourne and we have done a few before, some with GCHarribo but today we are after a few more and we were able to get eleven. They are nearly all multis which means you have to collect numbers from dates or tombstones around the church and after some gentle manipulation of the numbers it will lead to the final where you will, hopefully, find the box. Multis take longer to do than traditional caches but since we always try to go into the church as well that is all part of the adventure.

The first Church Micro we did took us to All Saints Church in Meads Village. Originally it was an Anglo-Catholic nunnery and convalescent home, designed by Henry Woodyer. It was built between 1867 and 1869 on land donated by the Duke of Devonshire, the chapel being added in 1874. Theresa May was born at All Saints Hospital in Meads and her father Rev. Hubert Brasier was the chaplain for the All Saints Hospital and Chapel in the 1950’s. The hospital closed in 2004 and had now been converted into luxury flats.

Next, we did a multi at Eastbourne College despite the hint suiting the spot where we were looking we were unable to find the cache. We will have to have another look another time.


All Souls Church, Eastbourne
Italianate, Byzantine and Romanesque styles

Eastbourne All Souls Church was our favourite of the day. The brick work of Alfred Strong’s church of 1882 in red, white and yellow combines the Italianate, Byzantine and Romanesque styles. It also has a tall campanile and decorative apse.

A great day out.