May 6 – Last Day Geocaching in Eastbourne

More Church Micros

Hello from 1066 Medieval Mosaic

We went back to Eastbourne to see if we could finish up the remainder of the church micros geocaches. We visited another 12 churches, none of which were open and by the end of the day we had finished doing the 32 church micros in Eastbourne and there are still more churches that don’t have any caches. They are a real godly lot in Eastbourne. I think out of the 32 caches we found 29 of them. It always helps to collect the right numbers and to manipulate them in the right way otherwise you can be sent on a wild goose chase. After a bit of a wrong start, we got back into our stride. Sometimes you have been in the right spot all along but just couldn’t see the cache.

We also found a puzzle cache at St Anne Church which was destroyed in WW2. I worked out the puzzle a few weeks ago so wanted to find this cache.

The most amazing church of the day was Holy Trinity Church. Unfortunately, it wasn’t open so we couldn’t go inside but from the outside, it was beautiful. Maybe it will be open next time.

Christ Church was a great find. The geocache has eluded us another day but today Mike managed to park nearby while I dashed off to make a spectacular find. I was very happy and it was the last find of nine for the day.

We had Kentucky Fried Chicken for tea which was a real treat.