May 7 – 1066 Church Micros in Brighton

A special series of ten church micros with a bonus.

Hello from 1066 – Medieval Mosaic

Today we decided to do a special series of traditional church micros with a bonus cache at the end. At each of the ten churches, you have to pick up extra numbers which you use at the end of the day to complete the final bonus cache. Luckily these extra numbers are not in the cache so if for any reason you cannot find a cache, it does not stop you completing the bonus cache. We had a DNF (Did not find) at two caches but still completely the bonus.

We had a great day in the outer areas of Brighton going to lovely churches. Parking as usual in the UK is the hardest park of geocaching and several times Mike had to stay in the car in case he needed to quickly move on.

One of our favourite churches of the day was Preston Park – St Mary’s. It was a reasonably modern church with some lovely stained glass. Another was Prestonville – the Church of the Good Shepherd (The name reminded us of home as Mount Peel has a Church of the Good Shepherd, though ours is quite a lot smaller than this one.) In this chapel, there was a lovely stained glass window of St Francis of Assisi.

During the day several of the churches had Brighton Fringe Festival exhibitions on in them and some would be holding concerts over the time of the festival. There were various artworks including brightly coloured mosaic artworks

Coldean Church was a surprising building which did not look like a church until you walk around the back. Apparently, it is a converted barn.

The All Saints Church at Patcham was the last of the Brighton churches which we visited and we found the bonus without any problems. The church was not open but it is a lovely ancient church built about 1150 so we will have to come back to see inside as it has wall paintings which have been covered in 30 layers of whitewash.

On the way home we called in at Southease and Piddinghoe churches. We visited both several weeks ago but were unable to find the cache. One because we didn’t look close enough and┬áthe other because it had been ‘muggled’ (removed). We found both today which was a great finish to the day.

Roast chicken for tea tonight.