May 8 – 1066 Geocaching in East Sussex

Best Laid Plans

Hello from 1066 Medieval Mosaic

It was our intention to so the Smiley Face puzzle series today which I worked out before we even left New Zealand. We drove all the way to the parking area for the caches before I realised that all the coordinates were on my I-Pad back at the house sit. Plan B was to ‘wing it’

We headed to Falmer which had one of the few church micros in the area that we have not done. It was a lovely church with a lovely gilded clock beside a picturesque pond, just the right place for some lunch. A Side Tracked cache followed at Glynde. What a special church St Mary’s at Glynde is. It was open so we went in. One of the first things that attracted me was the fabric walls. It is not wallpaper but design screen printed onto a hessian fabric and beautifully preserved. There were some great stained glass windows by two distinctly different artists.

Then we walked a little of the South Downs way to pick up one of the geocaches which is part of the South Downs Way Geotrail. A very clever hide this one and we were surprised to find it so quickly.

On our way home we called into St Peter’s Church in West Firle. It didn’t have a geocache there but we hadn’t been there before. Not on this trip but I am pretty certain we walked through here in 1979. The church is lovely with two Kempe windows which we are now able to recognise and a beautiful variety of tapestry kneelers. What a lot of work the ladies of the parish have put into these. I am keen to have a go myself. There were also some lovely monumental brasses.

Tapestry Kneeler - Highland Cattle
Tapestry Kneeler – Highland Cattle

An amazing thing happened to us in this church. I was signing the visitor’s book which I always do when I saw our daughter’s name written on the opposite page. We thought she was down in Devon. It turned out she had signed the book at 11 am that same day and we signed it about 4.30 pm. What a small world! She had been here to set up an event the night before. The church also had a wishing tree outside full of ribbons. I tied a bright pink ribbon for me and a green one for Mike.

Another great day full of adventures and exploring.