May 9 -1066 Driving to Berry Pomeroy, Devon

Lancing College and Coombes Church

Hello from 1066 Medieval Mosaic

We said one last goodbye to Misty, our 20-year-old black cat and headed towards Devon. We hadn’t gone much passed Brighton when we saw an amazing edifice proudly dominating the landscape. We pulled off, did a U-turn and returned to find the Lancing College exit. We have passed here before but today we had plenty of time so we were going to explore. Lancing College church is open to the public and on entering, it took our breath away. What a glorious place. When I think of a chapel I think of a small church. But this is huge and cathedral-like. The vaulted ceilings, stained glass windows, quire, altar, pulpit, organ but my favourite part was the massive rose window with over 30,000 pieces of stained glass. To add to our enjoyment a gentleman arrived to play the organ. It was really fantastic. Even more amazing was that the chapel was built quite recently on the timeline of many churches in this country but it was built with such care in the Gothic style.

After finding the church micro for Lancing College we could not resist going a little further up the road to Coombes. This is a lovely little church which is open every day and it has some lovely wall paintings which have been partially uncovered and some are really good.

Later we had lunch outside Arundel Castle. We do not have time to go inside today but we will certainly be back another day.