May 1 – May Day in Hastings

Motor Cycle Festival and the Jack in the Green Festival

Hello from 1066 – Medieval Mosaic

We drove up to Hastings about an hour away and parked 3 km away down at Bexhill as there was no parking in Hastings as it had all be closed for the festivals. First of all, we had to find a special geocache on a padlock tree. We had looked for this one before but this time we knew what we were looking for and the cache was soon in hand.

We have never seen so many motorbikes in one place, over 41,000 people participated. They were everywhere along the front and massive numbers in the car park over the road from St Mary in the Castle, where we had the exhibition. It was a sight to behold and the most people I have seen in one place since we got to the UK. Lots of people like us looking as well as all the riders. They also had a heap of stalls selling biking gear, gloves, helmet, bikes, jackets, even saw something that looked like ear plugs being fitted. Everyone so well behaved and friendly, enjoying showing off their bikes interspersed with roaring engines as more arrived. So many makes – Honda, Kawasaki, Ducati, BMW, Harley-Davidson, Suzuki, Yamaha, Triumph, BSA, Norton, Douglas and a whole lot more.Even saw some Indians (bikes, not people).

Then we got a tram fare up the West Hill to attend the Jack in the Green celebrations. So many people dressed in green earthy costumes, leaves, headgear. So amazing! There was a stage where people were doing some singing, May Pole dancing and lots of different kinds of Morris dancing. My favourite was a group from Southampton dressed in white and yellow with bells on their legs. One of these 6 guys was Owain Boorman. He and his brother Harri are avid geocachers especially Harri who we have been out caching with several times now. They are both Geocaching Vloggers and Harri has an award for his vlogs. They are the ones I think our family may be related to on the Town side.

Then the two-mile trek back along the promenade to West Marina Gardens to see the statue of Edith and Harold again before driving home to Newhaven.