November 21 – Leaving one house sit to drive to another one.

Woolminstone, Somerset to Donnington, Oxford

Hello from 1066 – A Medieval Mosaic

Our usual routine of packing our belongings into the car and doing the cleaning that we do at the end of every housesit. Mike took Honey for a good walk and then we did some work on the website while we waited for Lizzie and Andy to arrive home. They made excellent time from the airport and arrived home half an hour earlier than they were expecting to. Honey was very pleased to see them and didn’t know where to put herself from the delight of seeing her mum and dad home safe and sound. We heard all about their holiday and told them about our adventures too and said our goodbyes.

On the way up the A34, we saw a church at Ilchester so decided to go there. What we didn’t realise was that we had already driven right past so we had to drive quite a long way back. We easily found the cache despite all the ground clearing work that had been done around the area and the church. It looks like the vegetation has been let go for quite a while. St Andrew’s church was under the churches conservation trust and was not open. It also turned out to be in Northover and not the church we had been aiming for so we continued on to Ilchester.

We visited out St Mary Major church as some workmen were busy putting up and taking down some scaffolding outside. Then a short walk to find the cache. There were some muggles parked right next to it waiting for the school bus to arrive. They didn’t see me grab the cache though. However, every man and his dog seemed to be around while I was trying to replace it as the school kids had all arrived home so we had to wait until the coast was clear.

On our way back north we came across St Peter’s church at Podimore but we only had a quick look for the cache. There were too many places it could be and we did not want to spend too much time looking. Maybe we will be back another time. There were also some workmen around and houses just over the road which made looking problematic. The church was closed.

We arrived at Donnington, a suburb of Oxford just after four and met Chris again. We had been a little worried about the dogs being barky dogs but they soon settled down and we were able to make friends. I went out with Chris for the late night walk with the dogs to see where she goes and she showed us around the house. She is a lovely lady and the dogs are cute.