November 22 – Settling in at Our New House-sit in Oxford

Hello from 1066 – A Medieval Mosaic

Chris left for her holiday around midday after showing us other things to do with the dogs and the house. It was not a nice day and was very cold, raining intermittently so we stayed close to home getting used to a new routine. Jack, the Jack Russell terrier and Scruffy, the Yorkshire terrier like a short walk first thing, with a longer walk mid-afternoon, tea at 5 and a short walk before bed.

On our long walk, we headed to the park nearby and then just kept taking walkways randomly and exploring Donnington and we must have reached to Iffley too. It was a long walk enjoyed by all of us and luckily I had taken the mobile phone so that I could get us home again as these walkways take you in all random directions. We passed Rose Hill church and Mike remembered that there was a church micro there so we collected the information we needed but the final was 400 metres in the direction we had already come from so we decided to leave it for another time. We found our way back onto the main road which neither we nor the dogs were too pleased about so the trip home was somewhat faster.

After tea, we started watching the series Quantico on TV. It was quite good at the beginning but it slowed down considerably through the episodes and became a bit soap like. Still, we are going to stick it out to the end.