November 24 – Another day at our Friday exhibition, Oxford

A visit from a Oxford university class

Hello from 1066 – A Medieval Mosaic

Our accommodation was in Donnington which made it nice and easy to get into County Hall. It only took about 10 mins to drive in. We had a reasonable flow of people visit during the day and we enjoyed talking to our visitors. Three ladies who were supposed to be on the U3A trip a few weeks ago came and they thoroughly enjoyed their visit. In the afternoon Mark Atherton and a group of his students from Regent’s Park College and Mansfield College came to visit the exhibition. Mike explained what the mosaic was made of, how it was made and then went on to tell the entire story. They were very interested and asked some good questions afterwards. Mark especially likes Mike’s story about Harold not dying at the Battle of Hastings but living out his life as a hermit in Chester. I hope that it gave the students more information about the myriad of questions surrounding this period of history.

We left the exhibition at 4 pm and the traffic was already terrible. It took us just over an hour to drive what had taken us just ten minutes in the morning. The dogs were very excited to see us and after their tea, we took them for a nice walk in the dark. Bob the budgie/canary is a hard case, at 9.30 every night he suddenly goes nutty, cheeping loudly and flying around his cage. That is our cue to put the cover over his cage so that he can go to sleep.




Park College and Mansfield College came to visit,