November 25 – A Walk along the Thames to Christ Church, Oxford.

A mini regatta on the River Thames

Hello from 1066 –  Medieval Mosaic

Mike was quite keen to visit Christ Church in Oxford and had discovered a walk along the river Thames from Donnington to Oxford. It was a lovely blue but chilly day so we dressed Jack, the Jack Russell terrier and Scruffy, the Yorkshire terrier in their jackets and set off. The Donnington Bridge over the Thames is only two blocks away and we were soon walking along the towpath.

We estimated it would take about 20 minutes to walk but that is without two sniffer dogs plus the added distraction of a mini-regatta being held by the Oxford University. It took more like 40 minutes. We passed the Oxford University College Boat Houses then we watched the warm-up rowing and the actual races. Those racing were all Racing Eights. There were coaches and marshals cycling up towpath as well as cheering students. When we got to Christ Church we found that we wouldn’t have wanted to pay for the entry that day as the Hall was closed and on Sunday the Cathedral was closed so we planned to go on Monday. At the Oxford end of the walk, we passed Grandpont house which is built right over a tributary to the river. We also passed Cauldwell’s Castle which was built by Joseph Caudwell in 1849. It used to be called North Hinksey House and is an impressive building with statues all over the outside. It is just before Folly Bridge which crosses the Thames.

We walked back enjoying the walk, the weather and the atmosphere of the river. It was interesting to watch the racing shell being lifted carefully into the river. The winners were later sprayed with champagne.

When we arrived we had a late lunch. The dogs both fell asleep for the afternoon while we worked on our website. Later in the evening some inconsiderate person set of a really loud firework which sounded like a house had blown up. The dogs went completely ballistic and spent the rest of the evening shaking and cuddled in close to us. When it came to their last walk of the day at 9.30 they refused to leave the house. I cannot say I blamed them. Poor doggies.