November 29 – Fixing our trailer

A Church Micro in Beckley

Hello from 1066 – A Medieval Mosaic

It is a freezing cold day and we have to put water on the car window to defrost it. We were up and going early this morning and headed to Bletchington to pick up our trailer. We got the lights fixed first, a nice quick job and it is good to have all the lights working properly. A trip around the corner and a new piece of plywood for the inside of the trailer for a new floor. New silicone sealer around the trailer and it should be watertight again for a while.

We had lunch with Chas after taking Jack and Scruffy for a long walk around the block. On our way home we called into Beckley as we were recommended that we should visit the church there. There was a church micro multi there. We quickly collected the numbers and walked down the road to collect the cache. The sun had gone in again and it was freezing again despite being 2 pm. I could see the cache but I couldn’t reach it with one hand as I had the dogs’ leads in my other hand. Finally, Mike caught up with us and took the dogs so that I could sign the log. The church was lovely with some fine wall paintings. While I was looking the junior children from the local school arrived to sing Christmas carols in the church. As we left they were singing ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ as a warm-up.

Because of the cold, I went upstairs to get the blanket that the dogs sleep on and they spent the evening happily sleeping wrapped in the blanket. Very cute!