November 6 – A talk to the Witney Rotary

A quick visit to Northleach on our way to Woolminstone, Somerset

Hello from 1066 – A Medieval Mosaic

Today we left the hotel after one more early morning swim. We parked down near the church and walked back to the Blue Boar Hotel where Michael’s talk to the Witney Rotary Group was to take place at 12.30. We arrived quite early so that we could go into the private room to set up the laptop to the overhead projector. It does not take long but Mike always likes to get things organised in advance just in case of unforeseen problems.

While Mike returned to the car to pick up our brochures and USB’s I went off to find a post office to send a map back to a previous house sit. I also went to look in the local dress shops for an outfit to wear to my cousin’s wedding in December. I didn’t see anything I liked.

Just after 12, we met Andrew Carter outside the Blue Boar Hotel and he took us back to the meeting room where the Rotarians were beginning to arrive. The meeting begins with a prayer, various toasts, one to the Queen and then lunch of roast chicken, roast potatoes, spinach and gravy, very nice. This is Mike’s fourth talk to Rotary groups in the UK and he enjoys giving them with the aid of his demonstration. His talks are always cleverly done and I enjoy watching people’s reactions to his comments of ‘and in my spare time’. By the third time he says it they are starting to laugh and as it continues the laughter turns to wonder and admiration. Afterwards, people come up to me to ask what he is like to live with but in a nice way. They are really impressed with his dedication and ability to stay on so many projects for up to 33 years. We talked to many of the members and by about two we were on our way again.

We are off to Woolminstone in Somerset to look after Honey for two weeks while her mum and dad are in Thailand for a wedding. This is the third time we have looked after Honey and we all know each other very well. She is very comfortable with us.

On our way, we called in at Northleach as we had found Beth’s water bowl in the car and I had also left my only surviving freezer pad in Louisa’s freezer. I seem to have a knack for losing freezer pads.

We had a comfortable drive down to Somerset and arrived about 5 pm. Honey, Liz and Andy were all pleased to see us and Liz had made a lovely lasagne for tea for us all.