November 7 – An geocaching event evening at the Prince of Wales, Ham Hill.


Hello from 1066 – A Medieval Mosaic

Mike and I slept later than we expected to and certainly did not hear Andy and Honey going out for their early morning walk. Andy and Lizzie finished their packing and left just after 11. Their flight is not until later but they needed to leave in enough time for unforeseen delays on the motorway. Luckily they had a clear run with no delays.

We took Honey out for a walk and then drove into Crewkerne to do some shopping. I went into Waitrose while Mike and Honey went for a walk in the park.

Later we drove to Ham Hill to the Prince of Wales pub where there was a Church Micro 10010…Ten Year Anniversary Event being held. It was organised by ‘appleorch’. It is nice to meet up with complete strangers but to have a hobby in common that turns strangers into instant friends. ‘Simon’s Mum and Dad’ talked to us quite a lot as they have been to New Zealand in the last year and travelled around the country on a coach trip doing as much geocaching as they could conveniently do. It was nice to meet people whose caches we will be found over the next few weeks. For those of you who do not know, our geocaching name is 1066 and there are a few people around Hastings that are quite envious of that name as the area is called ‘1066 country’.

Ham Hill is near Stoke-sub-Hamdon and has very nice views out over Somerset so we will have to come up here during the day, maybe tomorrow.