November 9 – Inner circle of Ham Hill

A modern stone circle

Hello from 1066 – Medieval Mosaic

As we came to Ham Hill a few days ago for an evening geocaching event we thought we should go back in the daylight too. There are two series of geocaches plus a stone circle, an earthcache and a virtual.

The day was clear and the view was fantastic right out over Somerset towards Taunton. Immediately below the hill are the villages of Stoke-sub-Hamdon, Norton-sub-Hamdon and further around, Montacute. Ham Hill Country Park is a geological site of special scientific interest, a scheduled ancient monument, iron age hill fort, Roman site, local nature reserve and country park, to the west of Yeovil. We walked the inner ring first which took us out over the hill site and we collected 6 caches on the way. We would have let Honey off the lead but there were too many other dog walkers, many off the lead and it can spook her. On this walk Honey found her very first cache on her own, I think it was a fluke but she walked right up to it.

Having completed the circle we arrived back at the car where we picked up our picnic lunch and the three of us found a nice park bench to have lunch. Then we thought we would try the outer ring but the track was very narrow and the caches were all down the hill. We were never sure whether we were on the right track at all. Honey was getting very anxious about Mike climbing down the hill without her and finally after two caches we backtracked and walked to the other end of the park where a war memorial dominates the view. In the trees, we saw a woolly mammoth outline which was very cool although we are not sure of its significance. I wonder if they found the remains of one here.

There was a virtual cache to do at the war memorial where there is no box but you need to answer a question and contact the cache owner. Here we were also able to see a stone circle. This was beside a quarry and the stones were placed for the Millenium so it is not an ancient stone circle but a modern one. I wonder what they will make of the time difference in a thousand years. There were the remainsĀ of a bonfire within the circle so I think they must have held a November 5th celebration here. I bet that was fun.