October 1 – A Badger Monitor

A mischievious GPS

Hi from 1066 – A Medieval Mosaic

We spent quite a lot of time looking for housesits for October. We have November mostly covered now but still have October to fill. We applied to several places so now we just need to wait to see.

In the afternoon we took Beth out in the car and went to Coln St Dennis. We visited the church but realised when we got there that we have been there before. We saw two stained glass windows by Ward & Hughes here dated 1891 – 1937.

We stopped to do several geocaches on a really nice track. Although it rained yesterday the track was not muddy and we had a lovely walk. On our way back we met a Badger Monitor. This person checks the badger sets as badgers are protected by law. They check for damage or loss of setts, loss of foraging areas or signs of disturbing badgers while they are occupying setts with noise, lights, vibration, fires or chemicals.

We also went to the church at Coln Rogers but we realised that we had visited this one too. One stained glass window here is the Nativity Window by Heaton, Butler and Bayne c.1865. The church micro is new since we were here last time so we were able to find it. We had to find it using the hint only as my GPS will not work properly. It had been playing up for half an hour. I tried resetting, taking out the batteries, move the chip, change the batteries but still nothing would work or sometimes it would work for a few minutes and then lock up again. Eventually, we realised that the cloud cover must be too thick or there was something interfering with the satellites. So that was the end of geocaching for the day.

Beth was very strange this evening. She kept sitting close to us looking at us and sometimes whining. We tried opening the door so that she could go outside, offered her food but the behaviour continued. Finally, I realised that it was because we were both sitting on the couch and that was her place so Mike moved and she happily got up onto the couch next to me. These humans take a lot of training as they are a bit thick! The two cats slept curled up together in a chair for the evening too.