October 10 – A church micro day around bicester

Brill Windmill

Hi from 1066 – A Medieval Mosaic

We headed out for the day to find some more church micros but on the way we passed the Defence Logistics Agency Depot near Bicester where we saw a Panavia Tornado on display. The whole village here is for Air Force staff and the cache is found there was a very tricky one. The coordinated took us to a fire hydrant with nothing else there so it had to be there. We looked and looked but could find nothing. We also felt very conspicuous as it was out in the open, luckily there were not too many people around. In the end, we had looked everywhere and so we had to give up and started walking away. I had mentioned a small storm drain cover in the ground but Mike was not keen to lift it but I didn’t want to be beaten so we went back and quickly lifted the cover and there was the cache. Smiles all around.

We also visited the Whitehill satellite ground station at Enslow. There were at least 5 huge satellite dishes which were built by the Marconi Company for Mercury Communications in 1986. It was an amazing sight.

We visited St Nicholas church in Piddington which had some lovely Minton tiles, a double Sedalia and a piscina with ornate stone carvings. There were four large patches of wall painting including one of St Christopher and the list of vicars dates from 1428. St Mary the Virgin at Ludgershall was a lovely church with an especially beautiful modern carved wooden door depicting the tree of life with scenes from the village. It formed the doorway from the church to the tower. The window over the altar was a favourite depicting St John and St Mary, John Wycliffe and William Caxton. John Wycliffe was an English scholastic philosopher, theologian, Biblical translator, reformer, and seminary professor at Oxford. Willian Caxton was an English merchant, diplomat, writer and printer. He is thought to be the first person to introduce a printing press into England, in 1476, and was the first English retailer of printed books.

Later in the day, we went to Brill which is a lovely village dominated by a black windmill. There were three church micros which took us all around Brill and also a really good earthcache. All Saints church had a beautiful modern Millenium window by Stewart Bowman put in in 2000 AD.

Another great day out.