October 11 – A day around Banbury

A stay in the Cotswold Hotel and Spa

Hi from  1066 Medieval Mosaic

Not a great day for me but we went back to Banbury to take photos of the Banbury Cross. Last time we were here it was pouring with rain.

The Banbury Cross Sculpture by Denise Dutton was unveiled by Princess Anne in 2005. The horse was modelled on a Welsh cob and the lady represents the ‘Queen of the May’, She wears a crown of 13 spring flowers, alternating daffodils and wild roses, symbolising the 13 ancient calendar months.

The Banbury Cross was designed by John Gibbs and erected in 1859 to celebrate the marriage of Princess Victoria to Prince Frederic of Prussia. On the upper section of the monument are the coats of arm of people who have had a strong connection with Banbury. The statues of Queen Victoria, Edward VII and George V were added in 1914 to mark the coronation of George V.

We arrived at the Cotswold Hotel and Spa in Chipping Norton too early to book in so we went to Chipping Norton where we walked around the town and market. We had lunch in a lovely pub where I had the best ‘eggs benedict’. It was lovely and just what I needed. As we were walking past WH Smiths I saw an ad for the latest Dan Brown book ‘Origin’ so we bought that and got another book for free. I envisioned spending a day reading the whole thing but that hasn’t happened yet, we are always on the go. I also bought 2 x 100g ball of acrylic to crochet a blanket. I do not get a lot of time for crocheting but when we are travelling long distances on the motorway I like to have something to do. It is a light coloured yarn which changes from optical white, blue, purple, coral and yellow and is very effective. I may give them to hospitals for newborn babies like Mum does, it depends on how many I can make.

The hotel was very comfortable right out in the country beside a golf course. We treated ourselves to dinner in the restaurant which had very good prices and excellent food and service.