October 12 – Puss in Willaston, Neston

Our New House sit and a Puzzle that was right up our street.

Hello from 1066 – A Medieval Mosaic

We arrived in the Wirral to housesit last night. As we have been in a hotel for a couple of nights we had nearly run out of clothes so I did several loads of washing. However, it is raining so rather than wait for it to dry inside the house we drove to Bromborough to use a laundrette for the drying.

After the drying was all finished we walked around the corner to do a war memorial multi. The war memorial was in the grounds of St Barnabas Church in Bromborough Village. There has been a church on this site for over 1100 years. The sandstone memorial has a Botonne cross with squared ends mounted on a plinth with a rectangular base and three steps. The memorial commemorates the residents of Bromborough who were killed in World War I numbering 28 names and further plaques were added after World War II numbering 33 names. We collected the numbers easily and then took a short walk to a chair right in the middle of an intersection. Luckily we were able to find the cache easily and without arousing any suspicion.

Then we walked down the busy road to a cache called Bromborough Crosses which we found easily even though the coordinates were a bit out. We just used out geocaching sense of “where would I hide a cache?”

Before we arrived in the Wirral I had been researching what geocaches there were in the area and there are lots!!! However, there is only one church micro which is disappointing but there are lots of trails which will be fun. I see lots of walking in our future. I also found some interesting challenges and puzzles. One particular puzzle looked interesting and immediately knew Mike would be able to solve it as this area of maths is his research hobby. It was called Flipping X-Factors. There was a 13 digit number which he had to flip and then to factorize. With his many factorisation routines, he was soon able to find the two factors. It took him about five mins to solve the puzzle and we returned from Bromborough to Willaston this way so that we could find the cache. It was not an easy place to find but we got there eventually and there was a gateway to park in too. The cache took a lot longer to find than we expected as there  were various places that it could be and there was no hint t help. One place that seems most obvious was a crash barrier at the side of the road. We both looked there several times without success and then we would walk away and look somewhere else. We were near the point of giving up but we both really wanted to find it. Finally, Mike found it on the crash barrier right where the coordinates took us to but it was painted silver so it was practically invisible. He found it by touch rather than visually. It is ten months since this cache was last found but it is safe, sound and dry and we were very excited to find it. It will be of use for the challenge that requires you to find caches that haven’t been found for ages. A favourite for a puzzle that as right up our street!