October 15 – A day helping Tina and Chas at The Battle of Hastings re-enactment 2017

King Harold and Edith Swanneck at West Marina Gardens in St. Leonards-on-Sea

Hello from 1066 – Medieval Mosaic

As Chas and Tina had had such a busy day yesterday we offered to help them out today. They both spent most of the day talking about their tapestries while Mike and I sold their merchandise and talked about their projects and the history of 1066. We were able to be quite helpful, I think.

During the day I went out for a walk and a gentleman called to me ‘Hello Mrs Medieval Mosaic’. Funny!! He had come to our exhibition while we were in Hastings last year. He was collecting signatures to have the marble statue of King Harold and Edith Swanneck at West Marina Gardens in St. Leonards-on-Sea cleaned and covered. The sculpture is rather lovely but is deteriorating rapidly and needs covering in some way. It is a lovely sculpture and I agreed that it needed to be looked after.

The statue of ‘Edith Swanneck finding the body of King Harold on the battlefield of Hastings’ by the sculptor C.A.W. Wilkie was moved from the Hastings Museum to West Marina Gardens in 1953


Later in the afternoon, the Battle of Hastings reenactment started again and we were able to watch it again, this time from above so we were able to see things that we could not see as well yesterday. It was brilliant again and this time I was able to see the horse work from a much better vantage point and also the death of Harold. Much to Mike’s disappointment, the Normans won again!

Near the end of the day, we listened to a question and answer session by three authors who novels write in very different styles but all about the 1066 period. They were John Gwynne, James Aitcheson and Alan R. Lancaster. I especially liked the books written by James Aitcheson, a young author who has already completed 4 novels and is currently working on the research for his fifth book. I purchased signed copies of James Aitcheson’s trilogy the ‘Conquest Series’.

That evening we had another lovely meal and an evening with lots of interest talks on many subjects.