October 16 – An afternoon walk around the block and 12 geocaches later, Willaston

A Long Block.....

Hello from 1066 – A Medieval Mosaic

We were going to walk from the house but we couldn’t find the proper track to start the planned trail. So we went back to the house, picked up the car and we drove to Mill Lane. We walked along a trail between two fields and picked up a series of caches called the Seven Heavenly virtues with names – Kindness, Patience, Forgiveness, Diligence, Charity, Temperance and Chastity. This series is only two weeks old and we are the seventh to do the entire series. The caches were all reasonably easy to find but with a variety of containers and hiding places. One had the hint “pull my string” and when you found it it had a bright blue string which was quite startling but you still could not see it from the track. Another cache was behind a drinking trough for cows. Luckily the cows were all on the far side of the field. However, they do obviously come to the trough so speed and stealth were required before they decided to check us out. It does not pay to fool around with cows as they are bigger than us but they are curious rather than hostile. Another cache we found was laid by the Wirral Gnome Society and as you would imagine was a cute gnome container. The hint was a tree which considering we were in a forest was not very helpful but we soon found it as it was a decent size container. We ended up walking past our house so we went in to drop off our jackets and backpack which were completely unnecessary. Now we had to walk back to find the car which was over a kilometre away. This time we found the track that we had missed in the first place and we found several more caches which were much sneakier. One was so sneaky we could not find it at all despite checking everywhere again and again. One was so cleverly disguised that we felt that it was sheer good luck that we found it at all.

At “T Junction” where we had stopped for a look earlier in the day we finally found the cache. When we were there earlier in the day the little lane was like the M1 with more traffic than you would expect out in the middle of nowhere. This time I found the cache easily and while I was signing the log an old lady appeared out of nowhere and sat down on the log for a rest. We talked to her for a while before we headed off again.

After a lovely warm autumn afternoon on a nice circular route, we had found 12 caches to bring us to 6616.