October 19 – A day out near Netley Abbey to meet Gillian’s relatives

An evening of board games

Hello from 1066 – A Medieval Mosaic

Today we had made plans to visit my Mum’s cousin David and his wife Betty, who recently had their 70th wedding anniversary. First, though we met Joy, their daughter, my second cousin and her husband Ian at a restaurant in Netley for lunch. We got to the restaurant early so we thought we would visit Netley Abbey first.

Standing close to Southampton Water, Netley Abbey is the most complete surviving abbey built by the Cistercian monks in southern England. Almost all the walls of its 13th-century church still stand, together with many monastic buildings. It is run by English Heritage but unfortunately is only open on the weekends from the beginning of October. We did manage to take a few photos of it though. We went to the church at Netley and were able to do the church micro but the church was not open.

We also had time to find four caches in Westwood and Grange Fields behind the abbey and were able to drop off one travel bug and pick up two more.

We met Joy, my second cousin and her husband, Ian at the Mill restaurant in Netley where we had lunch and chatted about family. I am not sure if we had met before but if we did it was when I was a young child but it did not seem to matter. After lunch, we all went to visit Joy’s dad, David and her mum, Betty. David is my mum’s first cousin. I do remember visiting David’s mum when we walked through Southampton in 1979. They are a lovely couple and they reminded me a lot of my grandmother and my uncle Amos who were David’s siblings. He had a great photo of my family group with Daphne, another cousin as a baby who was born in 1926. He also showed me pages from the family bible which were very precious.

That evening we talked again with our Airbnb hosts and played several games of ‘Ingenious’ with them. They liked it so much that they were soon ordering it and a couple of other board games that we recommended. They also thought that geocaching sounded like a lot of fun and have since started geocaching.