October 20 – A quick church micro at Sherston on our way to Bath

After a day at the exhibition in Oxford

Hello from 1066 – A Medieval Mosaic

We left Southampton early for the one and a half hour trip to Oxford. We made excellent time straight up the A34 and were not held up anywhere. The hardest part is actually getting into Oxford as they still had not finished the renovations of the Westgate centre right beside the Oxford County Hall. They are creating a brand new shopping and leisure experience in the heart of the city which was scheduled to open on 24th October 2017. There were workmen everywhere finishing tiling and roading. Some of the shops obviously have staff going in, to stock the shelves and set up displays. A real hive of industry. It has been a work site since we set up the exhibition in September but now you can see the light.

We had a reasonably quiet day but an enjoyable one talking to our visitors.

At 4 pm we headed off to Bath where our next house sit was, looking after Shabi the cat. Another 1 hour and 40 minute drive but we found time to stop at Sherton on the way for one church micro, as you do.

We visited the housesit in Bath to be shown where everything was but as they had a house full and no spare room we had booked into a Travelodge at Chippenham Delaware on the M4 at a service area. It did not seem far away when we googled it but it was a good half hour drive. We had a comfortable night.