October 21 – A morning church micro-ing on the way to Bath

Hello from 1066 – A Medieval Mosaic

We set off for our new housesit in Bath. We had visited last night and the family left in the wee hours so we did not need to hurry to get there as long as we were there by Shabi’s lunchtime. We crossed over the M4 and headed to Kingston St Michael where we were able to do A Fine Pair and a church micro at St Michael and All Angel’s church. The church had a lovely lych gate, some beautiful stained glass windows and a 1651 coat of arms. Then we went on to Kingsley Langley where we visited St Peter’s which had a lovely Millenium window. Also in the churchyard is the headstone of Norris D. McWhirter, founder of the Guinness Book of World Records. Since we have two world record ourselves it only seemed right that we should pay our respects. Our records are for the Giant Jersey, now on display at Kiwi Country in Geraldine, New Zealand and the Medieval Mosaic, which we are currently exhibiting around the UK.

Next, we went to St Peter’s in Langley Burrell where we picked up another church micro but the church itself was not open. It did have a lovely patch of cyclamen growing in the garden.

Next, we went to Chippenham to visit St Paul’s church where there was no church micro but the church was quite lovely with some modern to very modern windows. The window at the back of the church showed scenes from St Paul’s life while the East window over the altar was placed in 1903 at the time of the Oxford Movement. There was a lovely stone reredos and the stone corbels around the church show the 12 disciples plus Mary and Joseph.

The house at Bath was really well situated only a short walk from the Abbey and the centre of Bath so we parked the car in the driveway and only took it out once all week. We unpacked all our stuff and made friends with the cat who loves everyone, as long as you feed him regularly. It was a very comfortable house on two levels with excellent internet and a lovely steep garden.

We have been addicted to Rummikub since David and Joan introduced us to it last year but we found that you can play it just as easily with cards. In the house, we found the tile version and played it every meal time for the week. Mike seemed to have the advantage at first and the first three games he won and you can tell from the photos that I was getting increasingly frustrated by losing. I could not seem to make the transition from cards to tiles. However, eventually, I overcame this and started to win half the games.