October 25 – A Day out geocaching in Bath

Walking one of the two train tunnels

Hello from 1066 – Medieval Mosaic

We headed off just after lunch to walk the two tunnels in Bath. It is an old train line which was the Bath extension to the Somerset and Dorset line opened in 1874. We had prepared a puzzle cache and there were 6 other caches on the walkway. We spent a while deciding where we should go to park the car and decided on just below the first tunnel which was an excellent spot so we could walk in both directions. We had four travel bugs which we put in the first four boxes we found and in the next three we picked up travel bugs so we had a very travel buggy day with four put in and three taken out. When we got to the Bath end of the trail it took us to a Side Tracked multi taking us back the way we had come but we only collected some of the coordinates. We will have to get the rest another time. The short tunnel was very good. It had a curve in it so you could not see the end. There were low lights on in the tunnel so you could see where to walk which is just as well as quite a lot of people use it, cyclists, runners, dog walkers – a busy place. Once we got back to the car we drove around the block and got two traditional church micros too. A lovely afternoon.

Mike wrote this alphametic puzzle about Shabi, the Tibetan Forest cat that we are house sitting for.



  1. Work out what numbers the letters represent 0 to 9. Use logic, no guessing.

2. Add the three words at the top to give the hidden word.

There are more alphametic puzzles on our website www.1066.co.nz and even more on our USB or portal.