October 26 – A geocaching event in Bath

New Geocaching Friends

Hi from 1066 – A Medieval Mosaic

The day was not very nice so we spent the day working on our photos and blog.

At 7 pm we drove to Velo Lounge in Bath for a geocaching event. It was named Spooky Bathtime – Trick or Treat. There we met a group of about 30 geocachers most of them about our age. I wonder what the average age of geocachers is? I guess people of our age have more leisure time.

We met Higster, a lovely couple who live in Bath and who organised this event. We did a challenge of theirs a few days ago. We had to find caches spelling HIGSTER and all found within a six-day period. I used ‘project geocaching’ to check our previous finds and found that we completed this challenge in August 2011. We also met the Oldfields –  we have done a lot of their geocaches in the last few days including the ones on the Two Tunnels Greenway trail which we did yesterday. One of the ladies there was  Trolleygranny who we have met before at an event in Hewish a few months ago. Trolleygranny and some of the others had dressed up in Halloween costume. We spent several fun hours talking about geocaches we have done. The Higsters went to New Zealand earlier this year and spend seven weeks there doing some geocaching along the way. They are also good friends of MushroomMike from Pembrokeshire area in South Wales. We did some of his caches while we were there staying near Tenby, Wales.