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or as an offline version in the form of the USB stick.

Bringing you the complete story of 1066 this informational database has a wealth of historical information. Click on any of the interactive figures to receive the stories of those characters. Every figure, animal, building and artifact in the Medieval Mosaic has been itemised so you can learn about the people, culture, and events of the time. The PORTAL/USB brings you the bold colourful history, genealogy and full page manuscripts of 11th Century medieval England. Use the high definition pictures to find the intricate path of puzzles which have been encoded into the background of the mosaic.

An ideal research tool for the history scholar, medieval enthusiast or year 7 school student… just don’t tell them its educational. Whether it’s for the history or the puzzles, the cross stitch or the Domesday book this database offers a myriad of other interesting features.

Read below for a detailed of list of what is contained on the database.

USB Stick - £30

Offline Edition – An 8GB USB stick.
The USB makes a treasured gift for young and old alike.

PORTAL - £15

Online Edition – (internet connection always required)
Enter the portal for instant access to all the contents of the USB.

Take a trip back in history to 1066

The Full Story of the Norman Conquest

Click on the image above to open the interactive display.

Our Interactive Portal system gives you access to it all..

The complete story of the period of 1066. From the people, to the culture and events of the time.

Feature Highlights

Click on the below images to open

Interactive Scenes

Each part of the scene is clickable and expands into further detailed information about the individual aspect. There are over 7,000 clickable areas across the mosaic. You will notice a numbered black box at the top of each scene. Click on the box for an explanation of the scene. Click on the blue links for even more detail.


Access to maps of England and Wales at approximately 1 inch to the mile. You will see green castle icons on the maps. Click on these icons to access information about the castles. There are over 1,500 castles in the castle section of the site.

Interactive Music Book

The pages of this medieval music book are from the Czech Republic and it is one of the most beautiful illuminated music manuscripts I have encountered.

A selection of medieval music has been attached to each page, There are 14 illuminated pages with 7 music tracks attached.

And there's so much more...

Complete Feature List

Scans of the entire mosaic in 3 resolutions:
Thumbnail (13000 x 120 pixels)
Medium (69000 x 600 pixels)
High (265000 x 2450 pixels)Extremely detailed Interactive History of the Bayeux Tapestry
Website interface
Library – 72 full-text historical books plus many extracts.
460 Aesop’s fables integrated into the Tapestry
Latin to English translations of the Tapestry
Heraldry – Banners, Shields, Coats of Arms
Genealogy – Family Histories of 750 of the Companions of the Conqueror
Brass Rubbing – Virtual Brass Rubbing Centre
Colouring Book – 50 pages of the tapestry to colour.
Celtic Knot Creator – design your own Celtic knots.
Halley’s Comet – Interactive Planetary System.
Planetarium – Stars, Planets, Galaxies, Nebula.
Search Engine – Google style search engine.
Rolls – Battle Abbey, Falaise, Dives, Wace plus 11 other rolls.
12 Illuminated Manuscripts – Book of Kells, Lindisfarne, Crusader Bible etc.
80 Humerous Verses by Stanley Holloway – Hastings, Matilda, Rufus, etc.
Maps – England and wales at approximatly 1 inch to the mile.
Music – Turn the pages Medieval Music Book.
110 Stories for Children – Talking book.
Runes – English to runes translator.
Kings and Queens – Histories of over 2000 members of the royal family.
Weapons – Extensive information on Medieval Weapons and Armour.
Battles – Over 200 historic battles
Castles – Over 1500 castles of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.
Clans – Histories of over 100 clans of Scotland.
Palaces – Histories of 38 Royal residences.
Monasteries – Histories of 190 monasteries of England.
Cathedrals – Histories of 69 Cathedrals of England
Slide Show – 100 Souvenir photos of Canterbury New Zealand.
180 Tri-Alphametics – Number Letter substitution puzzles. Plus Bonus Pack.
Magic Cube – A 3D interactive model. Adds to 2052 in every possible direction.
80 interactive games and puzzles including Chess, Backgammon, Sudoku, Scrabble, Bridge, Uno, Yahtzee, + many more.
Cross Stitch – 720 Pages of Cross Stitch Charts.
Paper Craft – 66 Manesse Minatures by kind permission of minilabmodels.