September 10 – Another day in the Grand Jury Room

Oxford Open Doors

Hi from 1066 – A Medieval Mosaic

Another early start and off to Oxford on the bus after parking at the Park n Ride. It is so much easier to get around Oxford this way as the traffic can be terrible.

Despite getting there early the visitors were soon pouring in again. The day was not quite so busy today possibly because the weather is not so good. but still probably 7 – 800 people.

Out the front of the County Hall was a display of MG cars. This was particularly special for Michael and I as in New Zealand we used to make a special jersey for MG owners with a road down the jersey and the MG logo at the top by the shoulder. MG car clubs have been regular visitors to see the Giant Jersey and the Medieval Mosaic over the last twenty years.

The ladies from the Kennington Cancer Fund were busy cutting a new batch of cakes and loaves. My favourite for today was a Guinness Chocolate Cake. It was great to be able to get regular cups of tea during the day.

Another busy day for the three of us talking to 600 – 800 people all day about the Medieval Mosaic. The street organ player, Mr Stimpson, was there again and today we were able to see how he made it. There are twenty different size pipes and using the homemade punch cards the air is forced through the pipes to make music. It was fascinating and he had a wide variety of music.

In the County Council Cafe is a plaque telling of the history of July 1577 of the Black Assize. The Black Assize is a name given to multiple deaths in the city of Oxford in England between 6 July and 12 August 1577. At least 300 people, including the chief baron and sheriff, are thought to have died as a result of this event. It received its name because it was believed to have been associated with a trial at the Assize Court at Oxford Castle.




Oxfordshire Coat of Arms