September 11 – An after exhibition excursion

Booked our trip home to New Zealand

Hello from 1066 – A Medieval Mosaic

For several days now I have been working on a nearby puzzle called “Instrumental”. The beginning of the puzzle was “A bit of cultural history in rural Oxfordshire…About 16300 days ago, September 2017, a teenager was here creating something with 26 words.” Well, I worked that part almost immediately but then I had to find the lyrics!?! That took me three or four days and even with a bit of gentle prodding from the CO I still had nothing. Last night I had another look and realised I had been looking at the lyrics all along! Seriously I am slow at time.

So this evening I was determined that we should go to find the final as it is not far away from where we are staying and we found the cache quickly and awarding it a favourite point for the chase! Then we headed out across the fields from Trupp, crossing the canal and under the railway line where we saw several trains, one full of new Minis, to another cache. It was called the “Ghost of Hampton Gay” and we were surprised to find a church right out in the middle of nowhere. What a surprise to find not only St Giles church but also Hampton Gay 16th-century Manor house remains. Also, surprising was this is not a conservation trust church but is still used for services once a month. It is quite a walk from a road in either direction so the congregation must be hardy folk. Tithe records show that Hampton Gay had a parish church by 1074 but in 1767–72 the Rev. Thomas Hindes, a member of the family that owned the manor, had it completely rebuilt. We found the cache easily with lots of swag for the children.

On returning to the Airbnb we booked our tickets home to New Zealand on 3 December staying for four days in Dubai on the way. Visiting Dubai has been on my “bucket list” for a long time so I am very excited. Rachael later booked the same flights so she will be going home with us but will be staying longer. We will return to the UK at the end of January and Rachael, not until the end of March. I must now book some accommodation for Dubai and make a list of all the places we want to visit as well as working out a spot of geocaching, as you do!