September 12 – An evening dinner with Brigadier David Innes and Brigadier Ian Inshaw

Michael's evening talk on the mosaic at the Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum

Hello from 1066 – A Medieval Mosaic

Today was our last day working at “Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum” in Woodstock. From tomorrow the Medieval Mosaic exhibition will remain under the care of the museum with the last day being 1st February 2019. We had quite a few visitors today who we talked to.

Michael had been asked to do a talk for the public at the museum tonight and rather than go back to the Airbnb we stayed at the museum. Brigadier Ian Ingram had offered to take us out to dinner at the Star at 6 pm with other guests. There were eight of us in total for the meal including Brigadier Ian Ingram and Isobel, Brigadier David Innes and Fiona, and Brigadier Dennis Blease and his wife. We had a lovely meal and then returned to the museum where about 20 people met us for the talk. Mike’s talk went well and as usual, he evoked laughter especially when talking about all the things he does “in his spare time”. They were surprised by the many interests that he has and they were all held spellbound. A short question and answer session followed and then I suggested that he show the guests the mosaic. He ended up by going through the entire story of the Medieval Mosaic with them.

A lovely evening and a fascinated audience.