September 17 – Our Last day in Woolminstone

A really long walk and Honey is not well

Hi from 1066 – A Medieval Mosaic

It was a cloudy cool start to the day so the three of us sat around happily, Mike and I working on our laptops and Honey at our feet quietly tearing her latest soft toys to pieces, stuffing all over the floor. LOL The tiler came in for another go at the grouting in the kitchen and the neighbour came in to see about feeding Honey tomorrow.

About 4 pm the weather really brightening up and we went off for a walk down the road and through the maize field. The maze is amazing, excuse the pun, and about 10 ft tall which is a very strange feeling. It was not too muddy despite the rain earlier.We walked through the towering plants on a clear footpath through one field and over a bridge and through another field and eventually came out to a road. We figured if there was a footpath this way we would find another one back. We proceeded up the road but no footpath. We continued on as the road was going up and eventually we would come to the top of the road and find a road across to drop back down into Woolminstone. Well, it went up and up and up. A narrow road with cars way too frequently. A lady on a horse went by who told us the road was just at the top of the hill. Got to the turnoff to Wayford and still, the road was going up. I figured going back was going to be further than going forward but as it turned out that may not have been true. It took an hour and a half in the end which wasn’t too bad but would have been more fun if there were geocaches placed strategically along the way. Never mind it was sunny and warm and Honey had a good workout.

During the night, however, she was very poorly. She must have eaten some rare green beans which are apparently poisonous to humans and to dogs when uncooked. She must have helped herself to lots but we have no idea when as she was with us all day.